Rahul Khanna Answers Your 21 Twitter Questions! #21TwitterQs

MissMalini , 20 Oct 2015
MissMalini, Rahul Khanna
MissMalini poses for a selfie with Rahul Khanna

We sat down with the amazing Rahul Khanna and asked him 21 of YOUR Twitter questions. From the story behind that gummy bear Instagram to his favorite meal of the day & from what’s on his bucket list to his time shooting The Americans – watch it all!

We’ve heard you’re an excellent cook, what is your favourite dish to cook? – Team Rahul Khanna

I’m not an excellent cook, but I do enjoy cooking. I’m a breakfast person so I like making very elaborate breakfast. So, whenever I cook, it’s mainly in the morning and it’s always eggs and something spectacular breakfast wise.

What books have you read recently, and what do you think about them? – @SerenaKhen03

Actually, I have been really bad with reading books recently. One of the oldest friends of mine, Mallika Chopra has just written her second or third book and she just gave it to me. And that’s the last book I read. And it’s just a lovely, simple self-help book about how she balances life and meditation and that’s what I have been reading.

How was Matthew Rhys as a co-star? – @runia01

Matthew Rhys is actually one of the nicest guys that I have worked with – very, very generous as an actor, very funny, he’s got an extremely dry sense of humour. He’s just easy going, and fun – just enjoyed working with him.

Who is your fashion inspiration? – @Angel_Mahiyaa

I don’t know – I sort of look back and I don’t look at what happens currently. Cary Grant is my all-time favourite. I think if any man has to have one idol it should be Cary Grant – I mean that guy knew how to dress.

Which was your favourite subject as a student? – Nikita

I think it was either writing like essays and stuff or it was art class because I used to be a bit of a cartoonist.

You’ve done so many fun things already, at work, in life, what is #1 on your bucket list? – @NicoleJuneja

There are so many things I want to do. I want to scuba dive… uh, I always wanted to fly on the concord. I’ve missed the opportunity. I hope at some point they fly again and I get to fly a concord.

How was your experience working in The Americans? – @monicayadav08

It’s period… 70s-80s. I love the fact that they’ve gone into such meticulous research and detail to recreate that period so everything on the set is exactly sourced from the 80s. If you’re wearing something that was made in the 80s like the prop or anything.

Are you now doing character cinema only? – @neverendingdrama

What is character cinema? I have never heard that term. You may get to see me in Bollywood soon. I’m talking about a couple of projects so hopefully they will come to fruition.

You’re 43 and yet so hot… what is your secret? – @nkeswani07

I can’t bare when people reference age because it’s irrelevant. I think we live in a time where we have access to so much information and support in terms of health and fitness. And I think everyone at this point looks pretty good.

What kind of movies would you direct? – @rohitdhyani5

I would love to direct a movie. It’s always been a secret dream of mine. I feel it would be really exciting for me to and I think I would do something… uh, sort of a high style piece. I would love to do a heist film – something like Ocean’s Eleven.

What’s the biggest hurdle you had to overcome and what advice would you give to your younger self? – @sagarraha

MissMalini and Rahul Khanna
MissMalini and Rahul Khanna

I feel like I have to overcome hurdles every single day. But the advice I would give to my younger self or to anyone really, it would be – Bruce Lee has a saying, “Be like water.” To say be adaptable and you’re not sort of rigid and stuck in your own ways and you’re willing to go with the flow.

If you could pick one designer to wear, who would it be? – @pepperazzi

There is a British brand called Reese which I like a lot. I always sort of gravitate towards them – they’re just simple, easy clothes – I like them. I like Gucci a lot. Tom Ford, Rajesh Pratap Singh.

You know what to share on social media, do you like being the tease that you are? – @cocktailamma

I feel a bit of restraint is nice. Some people are oversharers.

How did the houndstooth print get its name? – @pooja2680

I have no idea. It came from England I presume.

What’s your fitness secret? – @shaguftahmed

I have an insane sweet tooth. I like fitness, I like working out. I have access to excellent trainers and I’m very good with my trainers.

How should a person who is heavy on the middle dress? – @itsmonica05

Are you sure, you’re not pregnant? Instead of the dressing part, maybe concentrate on the gym part.

What inspired you to do various jobs and how did you get into them? – @aaminahwalele_aw

I think one of the plus points of being in this profession is that you get to do different things, you know. No two days are the same. I get bored very easily.

Would you say your role in Wake Up Sid was the pinnacle of subtle brilliance? – Anant Singh

Yes, I think I would.

Did you enjoy that? You can also check out my interview with Rahul on MissMalini’s World Season 2! Remember to post your questions for all our celebrities on Twitter with the hashtag #21TwitterQs and who knows, yours might make it to the list too! xoxo 

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