We’re No Longer Eyeing Alia Bhatt’s Outfit & This Is Why…

We’re No Longer Eyeing Alia Bhatt’s Outfit & This Is Why…

Natasha Patel


The fact that you clicked on this post to know what blew our minds more than Alia Bhatt‘s stylish outfit is something that baffles us as well. Hell, even Shahid Kapoor‘s surprised by the looks of it. Now, you might be thinking that Alia’s reign as our number 1 fashionista has taken a plunge, but don’t kid yourself, stylist Ami Patel isn’t going to let that happen. Are you confused now? Thinking, “so what the hell have I clicked on this post for?”. Well, my friends, let me tell show you what caught our ‘eye’ instead of Alia’s recent custom dress from House Of Masaba by Masaba Gupta while doing her promotional rounds in Ahmedabad.

Did you get the corny ‘eye’ pun above? If you didn’t, let me just say that as much as we’re loving (and you know we’re loving) every one of Alia’s looks from her Shaandaar promotions, it’s time to take a pause and check out her beauty looks instead! You know Ayesha DeVitre has been killing it with Alia’s braided hairstyles, but once we looked a little closer to home (you know, the eyes are the windows to the soul and all that jazz), we found that her eye makeup has been quite on point! Check it out:

Smokey blue eyes

Iconic all-black liner

Fresh as a daisy

Going subtle glam

And it’s all thanks to makeup artist, Vardan Nayak. But my all time favourite hair and makeup look has got to be this one…

That hair, the outfit, the glam! Aaah… We just cannot wait for this movie. Just 2 more days to go!