She Is The ONLY Woman Who Can Make Posing With A Chicken Look This Sexy!

Devanshi Kapadia , 21 Oct 2015

So, here’s what Beyoncé has been up to this month: just NBD, posing on the cover of BEAT Magazine with the American Flag and a chicken. She’s also posing in a swimsuit with “BEAT” on it… that’s almost all she’s wearing as she flaunts those hips that don’t lie. Here, take a look at her giving the camera her signature sultry stare as she rides a bike.

And then, she poses in a rainbow-printed swimsuit.

Here she poses with the American Flag in the colors of the flag.

The cover was shot by Ryan McGinley and features the first print interview she’s given since 2013. She talks about ‘Netflix & Chilling’ with her husband, Jay-Z. She also talks about how she likes her pizza with extra tomato sauce and jalapeños. And did you know? She’s a Fetty Wap fan too! Yup, catch all that and more in her interview, right here.

The beat definitely got sicker, didn’t it?

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