BandraRoad's favourite iconic sneakers... Converse
BandraRoad’s Loves… Converse!

It’s no secret and we definitely haven’t been shy about the fact that we at BandraRoad absolutely love our Converse. Speaking about me especially, I wear my Chucks constantly, I feature them regularly and have an undying love for the classic shoes. My oldest pair of Converse is 10 years old and it still looks great. The company, Converse is over 100 years old and still growing from strength to strength to this day. Converse sneakers are the best investment because they’ll never go out of style. You just can’t help but love the comfy and lightweight feel when wearing them. Not to mention that you can find them in a plethora of colours and styles.

So when Marv and I heard that they were having a pop up event where we could get our Converse customised by two graffiti artists, we had to go cover it, I mean it was a no brainer, really!

It was a fun little pop up event at Infinity Mall in Malad, they had celebrities like Rannvijay Singha, Anushka Manchanda, Radio Star Malishka, Cartoon Artist Saurabh Pardeshi and creative director of O&M Avinash Jai Singh that had their converse shoes on display and some of them were customised too. But if I had to pick my favourite it would be our very own BandraRoad Girl, Anushka Manchanda’s shoes. She had the Rolling Stones Band logo painted on her Chucks. The whole idea of this event was how you can take a pair of old or new Converse and turn it into something personal to you… #madebyyou. Take a look and see how these celebs have personalised theirs.

Cartoon artist Saurabh Pardeshi a.k.a Sabby’s customised pair

Anushka Manchanda’s Chucks with The rolling Stones band logo

Raanvijay Singha’s personal Converse

Creative director of O&M Avinash Jai Singh customised shoes

RJ Star Malishka’s personal converse

We couldn’t just stand around and admire these shoes now could we? So we took off our shoes and told the graffiti artist that we needed our Chucks to be painted on too. I didn’t even have to think about what I wanted and neither did Marv. I got BandraRoad on mine and Marv got a #MMlovesBR with a little red heart on one shoe and his favourite band, Florence and The Machine‘s How Big How Blue How Beautiful album art logo on the other shoe. What was really cool, other than getting our shoes customised, was that once the shoes were ready, there was a photographer that took pictures of our shoes and printed out a copy of it with our names on, where we had to sign. Our Chucks are famous now. See…

Getting our Chucks customised.

Getting our Chucks customised.

Getting our Chucks customised.

Getting our Chucks customised.

Marv’s new customised Chucks

My favourite pair is branded

The copies of our now famous shoes.

We were two very happy puppies walking away from this event. However, we wanted to do something fun with our new customised Chuck Taylor’s, and what do a model and stylist do when they want to have fun? Well… they play dress up and then do a photo shoot. I mean we had to! We took all our converse shoes that we had, and styled them in 3 different looks to show our readers that Converse shoes are the easiest to style. They’re extremely versatile; you can wear them with practically anything! I love both the high top and low top versions. Styling-wise, the less you think about styling a pair of Converse, the better. They’re casual shoes that can add edge and an element of grunge to any look.

Look 1

Jumping in Joggers and our customised Converse Sneaks.
Jumping in Joggers and our customised Converse Sneaks.

We had to showcase our customised pair and what works the best with cool high tops and low Converse shoes…. joggers!! Converse shoes are all about having fun and using that element to style your outfit. And that’s exactly what we did…had fun!

Look 2

Having a few laughs in our all American look with Velcro and High Top Converse.
Having a few laughs in our all American look with Velcro and High Top Converse.

My white velcro Converse shoes are fairly new. I bought them when I was travelling. I love that it has velcro straps. It’s so old school style that it’s cool now. I styled my pair with a casual tank and ripped jeans for that all American look and Marv styled his high tops his pair with a casual denims, a printed tee and a checked shirt. It’s a great look for when you’re hanging out with friends or when going catch the latest film.

Look 3

Heading out in our florescent pop grey converse and Marvs custom sneaks
Heading out in our florescent pop grey converse and Marv’s custom sneaks
You can't sit with us..... no no!! You can!! If you got a pair of converse on.
You can’t sit with us….. no no!! You can!! If you got a pair of converse on.

This time I styled my grey Converse with a navy blue jumpsuit that I bought off the street. It’s an easy, casual going out look for me. I usually wear this jumpsuit when I’m meeting friends for dinner or drinks. I’ve never styled them with a pair of converse before. So when I did, I wondered why I never wore them together before. Marv styled his with a pair of tuxedo straight fits pants, with a printed shirt and a formal jacket.

We had such a good time doing this shoot. Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to style a pair of Converse shoes, I suggest you go out and get a pair. Chances are you own a pair too, and thanks to all the celebs wearing them recently, it’s high time to dust them off. Whether they’re worn-in or immaculate, high tops or low these shoes go with everything in your wardrobe.

Have a pair that you love? Send us a picture of your Converse and show us how you like to style them on or you can #BandraRoad on any social media. If you like what we do, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more on Converse, follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Converse Lovin

Converse Lovin

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