6 Myths About Laser Hair Removal We’re Busting!

6 Myths About Laser Hair Removal We’re Busting!

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Wax, pluck, thread, shave… Methods we’ve all tried and tested (and learned to live with). So, of course, when permanent solutions like laser hair removal come up, we tend to think twice. At least I did, but after a decade of this high maintenance lifestyle, I decided to give it a try and started with something small… My moustache!

I recently went for my first session at Three Graces in Vasant Vihar, a wellness destination in Delhi, one I’ve actually visited before, but only for a massage (which was great!).

Before the session itself, I had a thorough consultation with Dr Sonam Yadav which was very informative. You understand the procedure a lot better, and why the experience might differ from person to person.

Many questions and a half an hour later, I was ready to get lasered! So here are the 6 myths about laser hair removal we’re busting right now!

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Myth #1: It’s Painful

Not. Personally, I found it less painful than waxing or threading. Of course, like any hair removal method, sensitive areas will hurt more.

PS: Anyone with active skin infections, or if pregnant and nursing, you should wait to undergo such treatments.

Myth #2: It Takes Ages

The session itself was very quick, with the beautician making short circular motions with their tool over the area being treated (which was the lower half of my face). We were done in less than 5 minutes!

Meanwhile, my next appointment is scheduled 6 weeks later, thanks to the sleeping cycle of our hair! Yes, they sleep a lot (that too, turn by turn!), and can’t be treated while in their resting phase, known as telogen. This is why it takes 5 to 6 sittings to complete the treatment. Still lesser time than what I’d invest in threading sessions over the next year.

Myth #3: It’s A Very Expensive Procedure

The pricing varies as per the size of the area being targeted, but it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket. It starts as low as Rs 2100 for a small area, and typically, you require a session only once in 6 to 8 weeks until the treatment is completed (after which, no plucking for life!)

Myth #4: It Will Damage My Skin

So far, my skin hasn’t felt any post-laser-trauma! Right after the session, there was a redness in the area that had been treated, but a little sunscreen and few hours later, it was back to normal.

There were few other rules to follow… No swimming, steam, scrubs, sauna or intense sun exposure for 3 to 4 days, and if there is some hair growth between sessions, best to shave or use hair removal creams. In my case, it’s been 4 weeks since the first session, and so far, few strands have grown back, but they are very fine, so I’ve been able to go au natural!

Myth #5: It’s Not 100% Effective

Laser hair removal treatment is actually most effective on dark hair, rather than red, blonde or grey hair. This is because the melanin content is higher in dark hair, which absorbs the laser light better. That said, avoid threading, waxing (hair removal of any kind!) for the area you’re planning to treat, two weeks before going in for your first session, for best results.

Myth #6: It’s Not Really Permanent

Based on my discussion with the resident expert, I understood that it’s important to be patient. For example, for those with any underlying hormonal imbalance (like PCOD or Thyroid), few additional sessions will be required to complete the procedure. So it’s not unusual to be called back for a 9th or 10th session, but once you’re done… You’re done!

I still have few sittings to go before completing my treatment, but the experience has been great so far. Soon as I’m done, will be sure to dish all the deets right here!

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This post is in partnership with Three Graces.