4 Couples Reveal How They Feel When Their Partner Asks Them To Dress A Certain Way!

4 Couples Reveal How They Feel When Their Partner Asks Them To Dress A Certain Way!

Shreemi Verma
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One of the most persistent problems in most modern age relationships is the ‘dress’. No, we’re not talking about that dress which was black and blue to some people and gold and white to others. We’re talking about the problems which arise in couples when they start telling each other how to dress on certain occasions. It can be the guy telling his girl that her dress is too ‘revealing’, or the girl telling the guy that his dressing sense is trendy if he was born in the 1950’s! So we asked 4 couples how they feel when their respective partners ask them to wear clothes according to their liking and how the other halves respond to these suggestions. Here are their reasons.

1) Because of society –

New Girl
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Reason – I tell her to dress a little conservatively because the society is not safe.

Reaction – I hate it when he asks me to dress a certain way, I’ve grown up in this society, I know how it functions, there’s no need to ‘teach’ me.

2)  Because she likes him in ‘that’ shirt

Dil Toh Pagal Hai
Dil Toh Pagal Hai

Reason – I think his dressing sense needs help, that’s why I like to shop for him.

Reaction – I don’t know why she needs to monitor what I wear, I like my t-shirts and shorts, I don’t need to wear shirts at the office, why should I wear it when we go outside?

3) Because he doesn’t like other men looking at her

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Reason – Men are like that only, I don’t want anyone ogling at my girl! It’s only fair.

Reaction – Why should I dress according to others?

4) Because he’s too formal sometimes

Dr Who
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Reason – He refuses to get out of his shirts and trousers. I want him to look a little chill when we’re meeting friends!

Reaction – I work all day and usually meet her after work, I’m glad she manages to change and look amazing even after a full day of work, but I really can’t!

In a similar situation are Abhi and Ananya. Abhi thinks that Ananya shouldn’t wear a hot dress when she’s going out with her colleagues, but Ananya doesn’t want to change. Whose side are you on?

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