5 Things Every Desi Bride Experiences During Her Week-Long Wedding!

Devanshi Kapadia , 30 Oct 2015
Ritu Kumar
Ritu Kumar

It always starts out somewhat like this: you’re happy, excited, and nervous all at once because you’ve finally found the one! He’s perfect, he’s the one, your families are on your side (finally), and now all you have to do is plan a wedding. Only… that’s not ALL. That involves the wishes of you, your fiancé, his family, your family, finances, food, and you have to do much more than just choose your dream trousseau. Yeah, it becomes a nightmare that you never expected. But, if he’s the one, you and your respective families pull through and the big day finally arrives. The thing is, you’re exhausted at this point, but hopefully you’re trying not to be a bridezilla. When emotions are running high in the household, this is kind of what your week looks like.

Cold Feet

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Don’t worry, this isn’t your gut telling you he’s the wrong one. It could simply mean you’re nervous and you’re supposed to be. It’s a big change, after all and there are a lot of eyeballs on you.

The OMG! I’m going to end up looking like crap!

So many opinions, the makeup isn’t exactly what you want, and your mom needs to have the last say! I know, I know it can all get a bit much, but you’ve got to remember that it’s your day, so don’t be afraid to get a little assertive. And more importantly, be happy, let that shine outwards.

That Bridesmaid Who’s Up Next

You know, that girl who wants to get married next so badly the Kaleera has to fall on her. It’s either that or her mother keeps asking her about it, pushing her towards it, and after a point it isn’t that subtle. Aunty ji how about ‘it’s my wedding week’ and we can stress about your daughter later. To the bridesmaid complaining herself: get a grip on it for a week, girl! Sorry, it’s the cold, hard truth!

The moment your mom gets super emo & everyone else follows

Moms, they tend to do that kind of thing. And let me add, this doesn’t start on your wedding day or week itself. It’s something that builds up over time with a tear here and there, then there’s the outburst during the bidaai. Next thing you know, you and everyone around you is showing their sentimental side too. Be prepared, she’s going to start hinting things like…’will you forget me?’ and ‘this will always be your home’ months in advance.

And then, your happy ending!

Pooja Mor, Ritu Kumar
Pooja Mor for Ritu Kumar

It’s all over. With small hiccups here and there, you’re finally married to the man of your dreams. And no matter what, it’s important to know that your family and friends are filled with joy for you too. That’s just how desi weddings go, right?

See, it ain’t that bad after all. And when you’ve got beautiful clothes and jewelry to look back upon, it makes everything better. See those fun videos? That’s what a gorgeous Ritu Kumar wedding looks like. The “bride” featured in those videos is desi girl Pooja Mor who’s having more than a major model moment on international runways and campaigns right now. We’re crushing on her and the traditional, regal mix-and-match of fabrics and prints that Ritu Kumar offers for everyone from your sisters to you and your mom (you can buy the amazing clothes here)!

Speaking of mom, ace fashion choreographer, Vidyun Singh plays the mom. And the mom of the groom is played by supermodel, Simar Duggal. A new face on the block, Mariette Valsan plays the role of the younger sister. Wasn’t that a visually stunning short film conceptualized and produced by Amrish Kumar and Mummy Daddy Media for the fashion house? For more, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This post is in partnership with Ritu Kumar.

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