5 Times Things Got Ugly On Day 19 Of Bigg Boss 9

Rashmi Daryanani , 30 Oct 2015
Kishwer and Yuvika
Kishwer and Yuvika

If people got along on day 18 of Bigg Boss 9, then quite the opposite happened on day 19. In fact, it seemed to be an episode filled with confrontation and disappointment for the contestants! Here are some moments when things got really ugly:

Prince picked out the rule breakers

Since Prince is the captain of the house, he was asked to nominate who he thought were the top 3 ‘rule breakers’ of the house. Whoever he picked would have to “face the repercussions” of the Double Trouble room. He ended up going with Mandana, Yuvika and Rochelle… so I guess we can safely say he’s not going to be too popular with the ladies right now.

Mandana Karimi
Mandana Karimi

Double Trouble got nasty

Rochelle, Mandana and Yuvika were called into three different booths, given a buzzer, and offered four options –

If any 1 of them presses the buzzer, the other 2 will have to face the punishment

If 2 of them press the buzzer, the 3rd person will have to face the punishment

If all 3 press the buzzer, they will have to choose 2 members from the house to face the punishment

If no one presses the buzzer, they will have to choose 1 person in the house to face the punishment

Clearly, there’s no winning situation here!

Mandana got confrontational

Turns out that Rochelle was the only one who pressed the buzzer. That prompted Mandana to call her selfish, after which Rochelle attempted to justify herself. But Mandana just said she was explaining herself because she was guilty! Oh, damn.

Rochelle broke down

After this drama, Rochelle was spotted crying to herself. Boyfriend Keith came in later to console her. Of course, Mandana had an issue with this too, saying that Rochelle was making it a point to cry to everyone else in the house.

Rochelle, Rimi, Mandana, Aman
Rochelle, Rimi, Mandana, Aman

Aman showed everyone their ugly side

For the task ‘Sachai Ka Saamna’, Rimi is asked to spot ‘good’ things about the contestants (she got off easy!) while Mandana and Aman were asked to spot the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ qualities respectively. As you can imagine, that brought up some issues – especially between Rochelle and Mandana. Yup, they had another war of words, and this time Mandana flat-out refused to hear what she had to say. Ouch!

That was all for day 19! But tomorrow brings with it a double eviction, so you’re gonna want to see how that turns out!

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