7 Basic Things Desis Will NEVER Replace!

7 Basic Things Desis Will NEVER Replace!

Shreemi Verma
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Wherever we go, whatever we do, our Indian-ness never goes away. By Indian-ness I don’t just mean our love for Bollywood, spicy food or patriotism, I also mean little quirks we desis have that’ll never go away. Like refusing to replace certain things. Know what I mean? Check out our list and tell us what you think!

1) That one pair of chappals we’ll never replace

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2) Utensils we’ll change only when silver turns to super black

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3) Plastic covering of new things

seat cover
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4) One vintage automobile

Ambassador car
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It can either be the ambassador car or the Sholay scooter.

5) One piece of furniture our mothers got from their homes to their marital abode

Old Furniture
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That cupboard or the non-functioning sofa.

6) Hotel containers or boxes which originally carried biscuits but are now used for sewing supplies

Cookie Meme
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7) Washing machine

Washing machine
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Really, if we could, we’d make our washing machines last forever! That’s why Indians need to check out Bosch Washing Machine. It’s cool, it looks good, plus it’s high quality German engineered machine. Check out their ad.

What do you think?

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