"I Am Worried About The Verdicts" & 4 Other Honest Confessions By Salman Khan

Priyam Saha , 02 Nov 2015
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman Khan has often tried to stay away from talking about the infamous Salman verdict regarding the hit-and-run case, but look like the actor is finally ready to open up. Here are 5 things he said:

1. On being worried…

I am worried about the verdicts.

2. On how long the jail time could be…

They are giving 5 years. Mila lo toh 10-15 saal ho jaate hain. That’s a big worry now for me and my parents. The case is not even in Magistrate court but High Court.

3. On how working is hard…

And amidst all that, to do comedy or Bigg Boss…to always know that there is a sword dangling over my head, it is really disturbing.

4. On haters…

The beauty of my job is no matter how well I do it they call me insensitive. They will say Sonam ke saath dance kar raha hain, Jacqueline ke saath dance kar raha hai, Poland jaake aa rahe hain aur kehte hai in par acting ka case hai hunting ka case hai. Dekho aish hai inki…600 crore kama li film iski! Inko pata hi nahi humare paas kitna aata hai!

5. On his good work…

So all my good work stands totally against me when it comes to people responsible for signing the verdict.

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