This Girl Exposed Her Allegedly Cheating Boyfriend On Twitter & The Aftermath Was Crazy AF!

Shreemi Verma , 02 Nov 2015
Roma and Sourav
Roma and Sourav

This is the tale of Roma Makkar, who goes by the handle – @MAKKARROMA and Sourav who goes by the handle – @Bloodshot_Ink. It was all hunky dory as Roma was extremely happy with Sourav. Look at these adorable messages he apparently sent her.

But then, her bubble burst!


And she decided to make all his DMs public.

She then started sharing more explicit stuff.

There was a dick pic too. But mostly it was just corny lines, some of which were quite funny TBH.

Roma apparently got a tattoo of his name too.

Anyway, Sourav defended himself by re-tweeting his supporters.

He got legal help too.

And here’s his version.

Many people had opinions, jokes and comments to make.

Phew! We’re not taking any sides as we don’t know whether Roma has put up photoshopped screenshots, nor is there any proof of Sourav being involved in his wife’s death. If you have any thoughts regarding this, tell us in the comments below.

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