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Ali Quli Mirza, Sargun Mehta, VJ Andy
Ali Quli Mirza, Sargun Mehta, VJ Andy

Bigg Boss Double Trouble is all set to bring a twist in the tale with some ex-contestants coming on board for a task. So we’ll see a hotel task on the show that’ll have VJ Andy, Sargun Mehta and Ali Quli Mirza come in as guests. Andy and Ali have been ex-contestants on Bigg Boss in the previous seasons and Sargun, a self-proclaimed fan of the show, was a guest in the last season for a Salman Khan episode.

The house will be converted into a hotel and the housemates will also be assigned different roles. While Mandana Karimi and wild card entry Rishabh Sinha will be the hotel guests, the rest of the housemates will be the staff and Prince Narula will be the manager.

The guests are allowed to make any demand and the staff has to comply and that’s going to create a lot of drama in tonight’s episode.

Are you excited?