This Video Has A Powerful Message That Every Girl Should Know

Natasha Patel , 03 Nov 2015

As a little girl, playing with my Barbie dolls was the only thing that made me happy. Each birthday and Christmas I’d wish for a new dollhouse, or some new friends to keep my doll company. My Barbie could be anyone and do anything; a style diva, a teacher, an at-home mother or sometimes on more than one occasion, just me. That was the best part about playing with my Barbie. She and I could be anything we’d dream of becoming. But you didn’t click this post to know about my childhood stories.

Mattel’s new two-minute ad, ‘Imagine The Possibilities’ is a campaign which goes to show a strong message for any girl pretend playing with her Barbie doll realize their dreams. It shows girls imagining their futures and trying to aspire to be anything they want. It sure does change your mind about Barbie now, doesn’t it?

Watch the ad above and feel empowered!

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