5 Safety Apps Every Woman NEEDS To Have On Her Smartphone!

5 Safety Apps Every Woman NEEDS To Have On Her Smartphone!

Shreemi Verma
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Safety apps are unfortunately the first apps women need to download on their phones. In this day and age where crimes against women are happening every day, having an app that’ll immediately notify your family and friends about your whereabouts might just be the best invention, ever! So while downloading the Instagrams, the Facebooks, and the Twitters, we browsed our HTC phones to get the best apps made for the safety of women.

1) Women Safety

Women Safety App
Source: Google Play

Women Safety app is the best way to update and inform your loved ones if you’re in an unsafe environment. With just a tap of a button, the app sends an SMS to a pre-configured number along with your location and a link to Google Maps. The app also captures 2 pictures, one with front camera and the other with the back camera, and a video or audio clip and uploads it to the app’s server.

2) Safetipin: Complete Safety App

Source: Google Play

Safetipin has a complete set of features like – GPS tracking, emergency, important contact numbers, directions to safe locations, pins showing safe and unsafe areas and a Safety Score. It goes well beyond typical women safety apps, and provides a wide range of features, that help you proactively plan and respond to situations affecting your personal safety.

3) Raksha – Women Safety Alert

Raksha App
Source: Google Play

With just a press of a button, your near and dear ones know your location due to Raksha app. Your selected contacts can see your location and you can even ask them to show theirs. A distress signal just by pressing a single key sends out a loud buzzer to your near and dear ones. Even if the Raksha App is switched off and isn’t running, pressing the volume key for just three seconds alerts the specific contacts you have chosen beforehand. Your location is sent to them on a map which sends them your exact whereabouts.

4) bSafe – Personal Safety App

Source: Google Play

With bSafe you can set up your own social personal safety network of friends, family and coworkers, share locations to find each other more easily, ask friends to walk you home with Follow Me’s live GPS trace, or help friends stay safer by walking them home from wherever you are. You can use timer mode to program an automatic alarm that will trigger if you have not checked-in on time or use ‘I’m Here’ to tell selected people where you are right now. There’s also Fake Call to make the phone ring when you want it to. You can even define who the call should be from!

5) Pukar

Source: Google Play

Pukar is an app that instantly connects you to your loved ones and the local police in case of an emergency. Once installed, a user in an emergency situation like – eve teasing, stalking, unwanted sexual advances, kidnapping, theft, fire, road accidents etc. presses SOS button on this app, sending out SOS alert messages with his/her GPS location to the local police (in select cities) and their pre-chosen emergency contacts at regular intervals. This instantly displays the emergency alert at the police control room on a city map.

Get all these helpful apps on your HTC phone!