Attic Tetris Wall Shelf (Source:
Attic Tetris Wall Shelf (Source:

The fashion season has just passed us. Fashion weeks are going to be on hold till the influx of new collections that will reveal themselves, come Spring-Summer 2016. Till next season, we’re switching from living at the fashion week venues back to our humble, or not-so-humble abodes. Either way, while my mind is still high off of artistic inspiration, it’s time to concentrate on organizing my home.

Now that you’re good-to-go from head-to-toe, your sanctuary has to reflect your style. While fashion these days is moving in the direction of freedom and expression, why not your home too? Don’t let someone tell you whether you should opt for modern minimalism or opulent splendour! Your home, like what you wear, should be an extension of you and your lifestyle, no one else. Check out 8 eclectic pieces from, a website that carries a range of furniture from boho to classic, one of them might just speak to you.

Casa Rio Coffee Table
Casa Rio Coffee Table |

It’s not your average, boring coffee table. It’s a coffee table with a bohemian twist, but it’s just as handy, if not more. Its colorful sections cover useful storage units.

Minerva Bookshelf
Minerva Bookshelf |

It’s the modern way to store your books and I’m not talking about a Kindle. If you’re into minimalism and monochrome, then this is a great way to display all the books and magazines you may have collected over the years. And if you’re a stickler for functionality, then hey, it provides an easy access.

Trigarta Trunk Box
Trigarta Trunk Box |

If you’re into prints and tribal style, this eclectic piece of furniture is the perfect center-of-attention kind of piece. It can function as storage in any room and will draw lots of eyes. Plus, the multi-functional trunk can transform into a coffee table: all you have to do is put a glass top over it.

San Pablo Large Coffee Table
San Pablo Large Coffee Table |

Fans of contemporary art, this one’s for you. This will mix and match with just about any furniture and can stand as a statement piece of blend right in.

William Book Shelf
William Book Shelf |

This bookshelf is the opposite of modern. Those who enjoy colonial world charm can opt for this shelf and display a classic literature collection to go with it.

Lima Sheesham Sideboard
Lima Sheesham Sideboard |

Need a little extra storage? This baby won’t take up any space and it can double up as a stand too! Plus, it’ll match with almost any kind of decor.

Casa Bonito Stool
Casa Bonito Stool |

Got a high tabletop in the kitchen? Do you just live by the bar, by which I don’t mean you’re an alcoholic, I mean do you love chillin’ at your minibar countertop for work and play? Then, a little lime green will add some life to your home. Bar stools can completely change a look.

Alonzo Dining Set
Alonzo Dining Set |

If you’re planning to completely re-do your furniture or maybe just buying a new dining set… think about this one. It could probably work with almost any kind of table decor and would look great in a large, open kitchen area too.

That’s not all. Check out large and varying collections of home furnishings, decorative pieces, wall art, and more on or the pepperfy app. Rest assured, you’ll find something that’s very you.

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