The Internet Reacts To The Possibility Of Neil Nitin Mukesh Being A Part Of Game Of Thrones

Shreemi Verma , 04 Nov 2015
Neil Nitin Mukesh
Neil Nitin Mukesh

It’s breaking news that Neil Nitin Mukesh might be playing a role in the much-loved HBO series, Game Of Thrones. The Internet, especially Twitter has obviously put up jokes, opinions and POLLS! So check out some of the best tweets on this topic and tell us what you think.

1) Sorabh Pant already knows what NNM has been cast as.

2) Atul Khatri is reminding us that Neil might just go nude

3) Great Bong knows that Neil can’t be one of the faceless men

4) Anupam thinks that Neil is actually the right choice for multiple roles.

5) Swamy discovered something mysterious on Neil’s Wikipedia page.

6) Aladdin just wants to watch the world burn.

7) Suparn was very supportive

8) Vikas had the best joke to crack

9) Sahil Rizwan and Andre Borges from Buzzfeed India were disturbed by Neil’s offer to bare his butt

10) Ashutosh had an honest confession.

11) And I had breathing problems.

Jon Snow

What do you think about this development? Don’t forget to vote for your choice on this matter!

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