This Is How Love Bites! #LoveBytes

Aayushi Bhargava , 06 Nov 2015
Relationship (Source: Tumblr)
Relationship (Source: Tumblr)

Love is patient, love is kind – but love also bites. It’s like a bed bug that will bite, however, that bite may not necessarily be a bad one. You’ll feel scared, confused but by the end of it, it’ll all be for the good. Ananya and Abhi‘s story is the perfect example of this.

They fell in love and moved in together. And went through things that are common in every relationship.

1) They had to build a foundation of trust to get past the jealousy

2) Their every day together was a celebration

3) Even a third person couldn’t break them

4) They had fights, but they got by

5) Because they embraced each other’s individuality

6) They communicated and accepted each other the way they are

Isn’t their relationship just the perfect example? But this isn’t the end, there is more to their story. To know what happens next, watch episode 18 of Love Bytes brought to you by Sony LIV.

This post is in partnership with Sony LIV!

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