Check Out The Funniest Jokes On The Internet Regarding #BiharResults!

Shreemi Verma , 08 Nov 2015

We’re a Bollywood, Lifestyle and Fashion website and mostly stay away from commenting on anything political but the Bihar elections and the subsequent results have topped the trending topics on Twitter and Facebook every day. It would be rather ignorant of us if we don’t pick out the funniest comments on this crazy game of thrones as politics in India is a very, very big deal. So here are some hilarious observations made on the Bihar results which made us laugh out loud!

1) Ramesh Srivats had to comment Arnab, because obviously

2) Gabbar wrote about the confusing exit polls

He also made fun of NDTV as their predictions were literally the opposite of the actual results

The guy was on a roll!

3) Sapan Verma had the best poll

4) Even the most ‘clued-in’ people had no idea where the elections were going

5) And Amit Dubey made fun of the Chanakya Exit Poll predictions (the agency which predicts elections results) as they too got it totally wrong

6) This person very efficiently used a trending hashtag

7) And finally, Rohan Joshi brought everyone back to reality.

Elections are really the best times to be on Twitter!

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