#ManicureMonday: 7 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Your Daily Nail Art Fix!

Devanshi Kapadia
Source: Instagram | @jesthemess
Source: Instagram | @jesthemess

We’re only recently venturing into the nail art zone, starting with out Halloween nail art tutorial and I’ve got to say, it’s one time-consuming form of art. No matter what the tips and tricks, it takes time to get a grip on gorgeous nail art, so when we see amazing nail art… we’re the first ones to appreciate! Whether we can or can’t accomplish complicated, intricate nail art, we can always take inspiration and we can always attempt it, right? Here are 7 Instagram accounts I follow for my daily nail art fix.

Alicia Torello is a celebrity manicurist with a large fan-following. Her manicures have been featured everywhere from the cover of VOGUE to Kendall Jenner‘s nails.

Jessica Washick creates matte, plaid, and all sorts of cute-sy nail art! Her account features collaborations with every major nail polish brand the world has to offer.

This birthday nail art is EVERYTHING. If you’re a fan, you’ll find Lexi Martone in Brooklyn, New York or you could just search her up on Youtube.

Madeline Poole is the global color ambassador for Sally Hansen Nails and her Instagram account gives useful tips and tricks for any manicure enthusiast, along with a butt load of inspo!

Miho Mei Kawajiri started her nail art career and moved to New York. She’s one of the most sought-after nail art creators in the world. Just look at that precision!

Monochrome madness: Miss Pop really knows how to make ’em pop!

Jessica Tong creates some fabulous and fierce nail art that makes my morning, almost every morning!

So, how’s that for #ManicureMonday inspiration? Have a favorite account? Let us know in the comments below!