MissMalini's Head-Stylist Reveals The Secret Behind #BossLady's Looks!

Marv D'Souza , 09 Nov 2015
MissMalini in Anamika Khanna
MissMalini in Anamika Khanna and hair & makeup by My Glamm

It’s no secret that I’ve styled Malini Agarwal, our #BossLady for every event for the past 2 years and counting. Day in and day out, I keep a close eye on her styling needs and her schedules, ensuring her looks are locked down and good to go. Unlike styling an actress, a recording artist or a model, styling Malini needs a little more attention. Why? Malini’s schedules are tight, unpredictable and filled with a lot of movement to ensure that our social media queen keeps blogging for you!

To help me with these ever-changing but super-charged style sessions, we tried the fabulous artists at My Glamm. All one does is books an appointment and their stylists show up at your doorstep. In our world, an on-call hair & makeup team is a blessing. So here are some of the looks MyGlamm has worked on with me.

So now that the glamorous peeps at MyGlamm and I have a rhythm going, I’m excited to push my limits and try some new looks. Any suggestions? The party season is on and I need all the love and ideas to play dress-up with your favourite blogger-in-chief… @MissMalini!

To know more about MyGlamm, follow them on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get all the details on their services and stylists!

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