The Internet Went Berserk When Shah Rukh Khan Started Tweeting To Everyone!

Shreemi Verma , 10 Nov 2015
Shah Rukh Khan from DDLJ
Shah Rukh Khan from DDLJ

It all started with my friends losing it on the WhatsApp groups we have, typing things like – SHAH RUKH KHAN JUST TWEETED TO ME OMG I’M DYING! Of course I was confused, I mean why would Shah Rukh Khan tweet to them and not me? What’s going on? What’s up?!

But soon enough, I realized that this is not the real Shah Rukh, it’s just a bot.

Shah Rukh Khan
Source: Twitter @iamsrk

But still a tweet from SRK, is a tweet from SRK. Everyone was really happy!

But of course, there were jokes.

Extremely funny ones.

All in all, even if this was just a bot, a mention from Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter is enough to make everyone’s Diwali happy!

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