Celebrity Guest Blog: 5 Things I Learnt From 10 Years Of Parenting

Sonali Bendre , 18 Nov 2015
Sonali Bendre
Sonali Bendre

Accepting failures

It’s so important to accept failures. The truth of the matter is that we are all humans at the end of the day! To have a healthy relationship with your child you have to be in a happy place.

Draw the line

As parents, we are never sure where to draw the line at the fear of being too lenient, too harsh, too distant or over-protective. Each child is different, but we need to find a balance and be stern, lenient, supportive and distant according to your child.

Listen to your child

The best advice I’ve gotten and would share is that as parents, we need to learn to talk, share and communicate with our children. It’s all about listening and not just hearing.

Have patience

As a mother, I have to have immeasurable patience with Ranveer in order to satisfy his curious mind, but sometimes, I also have to have perseverance with my parents as well. They want to shower their grandchild with all the love and care which could spoil him a little. Patience is key in explaining to them why they need to stop without hurting their feelings as well.

Parenting the parents

As I became a parent, my relationship with my parents changed. They’re older and I feel that I need to be more patient and tolerant with them. Without a doubt, there are things which I can’t do without them but I feel that I have started parenting them. As they’ve grown older, I’ve realized I am no longer fearless since I worry about my parents and my child.

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