Sheefa, Lalalilo, Zara, H&M
Sheefa in Lalalilo, Zara & H&M

Every season new trends come in and the old ones roll out. This fall was all about the groovy ’70s and the badass ’90s. Of course, trends like black-on-black and winter’s favourite Uggs are still dominating every girl’s wardrobe. This week, the Kash girl lists down her top 7 favourites for the season. These have been tried, tested and approved. Take a look…

1. Black, Brown & Man Buns

2. Denim On Denim

3. Dark Florals

4. The Choker Necklace

5. The Duster Coat

6. High Contrast

7. High Waisted Denims (Extra Tush-y)

I just love ’em all! If you do try any of these trends, tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to see how you guys style them. Don’t forget to follow and like <3

The Kash Girl