Hahaha! Biswa Kalyan Rath Discusses Bananas & Pomegranate In This Hilarious Video!

Shreemi Verma , 19 Nov 2015
Biswa Kalyan Rath
Source: YouTube.com

Biswa Kalyan Rath, the one half of the brilliant Pretentious Reviews released this extremely funny video where he’s talking about bachelors and their fascination with bananas. According to him, there’s nothing more easy, more delicious and more amazing than bananas and when you watch the video, you will slowly see yourself agree to every word he says. He also ranted about pomegranates (and oranges too) saying that it’s the favourite food of old people. I know how random this sounds, but seriously, watch the video and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Best line of the video – Santra khane ke liye uska chaddi utaro. Which was your fave?

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