Bollywood was seen out and about this weekend in their scariest, most creative Halloween get-ups. Now, we may not go as all out over here as they do in the U.S of A, but the trend is definitely catching on. And these fashionistas don’t let a chance to play dress up pass them by, do they? Jacqueline Fernandez didn’t get to make it to a Halloween bash, which she was particularly sad about, so she made sure her Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour outfit had a theme to it. She wore this retro Masaba Gupta outfit and sneaked in a tribute to Cindy Crawford. Watch this.

Jacqueline’s Bollywood bestie, Sonam Kapoor, went dressed as Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family. Of course, her Halloween get-up is courtesy Dolce & Gabbana. One fabulous Wednesday Adams, huh?

Her sister, Rhea Kapoor, dressed as David Bowie.

And finally, we have Amrita Arora as Axl Rose. And I think she should dress like this on a daily basis.

Looks like someone had a great night with her homies!