This Campaign To Stop Terming Menstruating Women As 'Impure' Is Gaining Major Momentum #HappyToBleed

Shreemi Verma , 23 Nov 2015
Happy to bleed

The #HappyToBleed campaign was launched on November 21, 2015 as a counter attack against the Kerala Devaswom chief who apparently wanted machines to scan women for ‘purity’ at the Sabarimala temple. The campaign has been receiving great response from women of all sections and has gone viral on Facebook. Their motive is to normalize periods and convince girls all over the world that their menstruation doesn’t make them ‘impure’. The people behind it are using the term ‘happy’ as the word, is used as a satire, a taunt, a comment, on patriarchal forces which attach the understanding of purity-impurity of women with menstruation. Read more about this campaign here.

Here’s what Aditi Gupta (the co-founder of has to say.

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