Why Kailash Satyarthi Wants You To Join The Conversation #NotMadeByChildren

Nicole Teresa Juneja , 26 Nov 2015

Remember being kids… Being 10-year-olds, when our biggest problem was probably doing well in the final exams so that we don’t get grounded!

Meanwhile, over 11 million children in India start each day, worrying about physical violence, exploitation, and working in hazardous environments. Many of these kids are not even 14 years old. Victims of child labour and trafficking, they lost their childhood working in factories, homes, tea shops & dhabas.

Sold at the age of 11 for Rs 6000 to sew at an illegal denim factory… Here’s Fardeen‘s story.

As part of the #NotMadeByChildren campaign against child labour, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA or Save the Childhood Movement), and Global March aim to bring the stories of child labourers in India to the forefront. #KnowChildLabour

Talking about the problem makes you a part of the solution. That’s why Kailash Satyarthi wants all of us to join the conversation. In fact, come December, he’ll be hosting a Q&A session on Facebook to answer your questions on this subject.

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Let’s speak up, and say no to child labour!

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