Anushka Manchanda
Anushka Manchanda for Cosmopolitan India

Happy, unguarded and snarl-free, this Indian Goddess is definitely one of our favourites. When this girl walks into a room, people sit up and take notice. Anushka Manchanda is an actor, model, singer and a kickass BandraRoad girl!

Her work takes her across India and around the world. She easily bounces between live gigs and promoting her new film at some of the coolest film festivals. But, her favourite thing to do is to produce music in the comfort of her studio, which also happens to be her bedroom.

We caught up with her during her performance for MissMalini’s World 2 and had a great time talking about life, her love for motorbikes and her confessed obsession with fashion. Her flair for melody is almost as wild as her flair for dressing up. When it comes to the way Anushka dresses, there’s never a dull moment. Come, join us on our play date with Anushka!

Don’t you just love her? Her fiery attitude, self-reliant image and her edgy style make her the badass that we all know and love. Here are some of our favourite looks on Anushka.

Movie Date: Double Denim

Anushka Manchanda
Anushka nailing the double denim | Pic: Anushka Manchanda’s Instagram

This combination of high-waisted denim shorts, a basic black tank and a denim shirt is perfect for a movie date. It’s casual yet sexy. Don’t forget to carry your sling bag, sunnies, and loads of attitude!

Night Out: Lady In Red

Lady in a beautiful red Jumpsuit. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram.
Lady in a beautiful red jumpsuit. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram.

It’s Friday night and you’re ready to paint the town red. Jumpsuits are fuss-free and look great when paired with heels or sneakers. Pick a bold colour to go with your personality. If you don’t usually wear bright colours, maybe it’s time to give it a try?

Suit Up: Checks

Anushka killing it in a checkered suit. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram
Anushka killing it in a checkered suit. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram

Fed up with your work wardrobe?  Maybe it’s time to switch it up. Suits aren’t just for men anymore. Ladies can have just as much fun with prints and textures.

That 70’s Girl: Flared Denims

Bringing back the 70's. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram
Bringing back the 70’s. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram

Here, Anushka looks relaxed in her flares paired with a casual checked shirt. Flared denims have been all the rage this season. For more on flared denims, check out our blog on 3 ways to style your flares.

Geeky Chic: Frills

Pretty in frills. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram
Pretty in frills. Pic: Anushka Manchanda Instagram

This is a great brunch outfit – a short, frilly dress with ankle booties and a solid-colored blazer. Anushka looks amazing behind those vintage Cartier frames. A little geek chic is definitely a style statement these days.  So, throw those contacts away, and geek out.

Have fun with your clothes, try different trends and don’t be afraid to experiment. Being stylish is all about incorporating YOUR personality into your wardrobe.

Like our play date with Anushka? Do let us know and stay tuned for more BandraRoad Play Dates!

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