25 Teeny-Tiny Tattoos That Will Be The Stars Of Your Instagram Photos

Anushka Mulchandani , 30 Nov 2015
Instagram | thestylistsplash

Tiny tattoos are really a win-win. For one they’re so small, they can’t hurt that much to get. Secondly, they’re so cute, you’ll love them forever. And thirdly, they’re even small enough to hide if you get sick of them. So you see, it’s a win-win-win! If you are on the hunt for some tiny tat inspiration, we’ve found some that are so stylish, your Instagram is going to get double tapped until it’s all worn out (hehe).


Instagram | laramaju
Instagram | kondrantine
Instagram | justinturkus
Instagram | dreamed_dream
Instagram | shpadyreva
Instagram | artsinlove
Instagram | shinfang
Instagram | cactuna


Instagram | demibollengier
Instagram | livingoncoffeeanddreams
Instagram | sivalobanjatattoo
Instagram | tiny_tasteful_tattoos


Instagram | artsinlove
Instagram | makeeva.julia
Instagram | artsinlove
Instagram | chocopanpan


Instagram | sujettattoo
Instagram | steph___any
Instagram | vhalfae17
Instagram | thestylistsplash
Instagram | rcady
Instagram | ohfrenzyflare
Instagram | inkbyrafael
Instagram | giustacchini_shop
Instagram | dreamed_dream-copy

Our own #BossLady got a tattoo too and it’s not too tiny, but it’s cute as hell! Take a look…

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