Would You Try This New Hair Trend?

Natasha Patel , 03 Dec 2015
Source: Giphy.com
Source: Giphy.com

Everyone’s heard and seen rainbow hair, right? That trend was pretty big, especially when celebrities like Kylie Jenner took it to new heights. But if you think her blue, green and even grey hair was too much, we’ve got a new trend for you guys to try. Glitter roots. Ever been too lazy to head over to the parlour for a root touch-up? Well, some women took matters into their own hands and we now introduce a festive and sparkling new way to get your hair ready this holiday.

This hair trend basically entails for you to part your hair (it can be a side or a front parting), dab some wax or gel product close to your hairline, and then sprinkle away with some glitter! Remember, you do not need to make it look like a Fairy God mother has blessed you. The more obvious the glitter trail, the better. Here, take some inspiration from these women…

1. Side-parted glitter

Glitter hair ? #happytuesday #glitterhair #ELLEbeautyteam

A photo posted by ELLE Belgique (@ellebelgique) on

2. Middle-parting gone funky

3. Sure to take away all your Monday blues

4. That slight shimmering touch

Glitter hair achievement: unlocked. ??? A photo posted by nicole chateau (@thetetrachromat) on

5. Is it a Christmas tree? Nope. Just your hair

RG ✨ @thebeautender_ // messy space buns ?

A photo posted by @thecraftinspo on

6. It’s almost like the reverse Kylie Jenner hair

7. Gold and the beautiful

That’s not all. We now welcome, glitter beards and armpits. Yes, you heard right – armpits! Just in time for the holidays, the boys are getting in on all the sparkle and festive spirit with their glitter beards. Check it out:

Glitter beards (Source: Instagram/ @GlitterBeardsOffical)
Glitter beards (Source: Instagram/ @GlitterBeardsOffical)

Now, are you ready to look at sparkling armpit hair? Well, here you go…

Yup, that really was the pits!

We’d love to know what you guys thought. Let us know in the comments below.

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