5 Things Katrina Kaif Said About Ranbir Kapoor & Being Cheated On That We Can't Get Over

Aayushi Bhargava , 05 Dec 2015
Katrina Kaif (Source: Tumblr)
Katrina Kaif (Source: Tumblr)

Every time Katrina Kaif opens up about her personal life, she still seems to be a bit reserved, and a little vulnerable. She chooses to keep quiet about her real feelings and personal life. However, this time she graced the cover of GQ magazine and opened up like NEVER before about SO many things.

We have listed 5 of them for you!

1) Her response to Salman Khan saying, ‘She is of no use to me’

The base of my relationship with Salman was correct, it was true. Which is why we are still able to be friends. But he lives in a parallel universe, always making these jokes about me publicly, which get the media really kicked. Like the comment he made on Kapil’s show when he saw my pictures on a set of crackers. ‘She is of no use to me’! I called him and yelled at him. I can do that, it is the sort of equation we have. He said, ‘Okay sorry I will apologize to the media’. I told him to do no such thing and maintain a dignified silence if that is possible.

2) How not having a father figure affected her relationships

I did not have a father figure and I have often wondered if that has affected my relationships with men. I have not really scrutinized this with a therapist. So I am not sure. But when I think about my daughter and the qualities I want her to possess, I envision a big role played by  her father, in instilling a strong sense of self. That is important to me.

3) On not being close enough to Ranbir Kapoor’s parents

I am not as close to Ranbir’s family as I would like. But I would like to hang out with them more. Family would be a defining factor when I make the decision to marry. I am a very responsive person. So, if my partner gives me what I need, I can be the best girlfriend you can wish for.

4) She wasn’t happy with Ranbir and Deepika Padukone working together

I can’t enforce my will on the people in my life. Their choices are their own. I may not be happy with them but I hope that as they mature or as they evolve, their choices will change!

5) Her fear of not being loved “completely”

Being with an actor has its own set of issues, but the basic differences arise because men are men. Cheaters will cheat anywhere. The back of my head wants to believe that I am (lucky in love). But the front of my head says ‘be careful’. I don’t think I can make such claims, because were it selfless love, then I would not feel the need to assert myself as much in the relationship. I would be more tolerant. I don’t want to be tolerant. I don’t want to accept it. I want to fight. I want to get what I think I deserve. My greatest fear is that if and when I get married and I am standing at the altar or the mandap, he may not love me completely. That he may not know his mind well enough to be making those commitments. The anticipation of heartbreak is my only fear.

Okay? Okay. <3

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