OMG! Is Deepika Padukone FINALLY Making Her Hollywood Debut With Vin Diesel? - Check Out Photo!

Priyam Saha , 05 Dec 2015

Deepika Padukone is hot property in Bollywood right now! And why wouldn’t she be? She’s gorgeous, smart, an amazing actor and someone who has consistently picked good films.

Not too long ago, DP was offered a significant role in Fast And Furious 7, but she declined it because she picked promoting Ramleela over the film at the time. She has gone on record to say that she doesn’t regret losing out on Furious 7, but fans were very sad about her decision.

However, we all might have a reason to jump with joy right now! Deepika just posted a rather mysterious photo with Vin Diesel, that could be announcing her big Hollywood debut!

Notice how there’s xXx behind them. This could be a sequel to Diesel’s movie by the same name. Is she a part of that? Is Vin Diesel in India? Are the two collaborating?


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