Check Out The 15 Videos That Instantly Went Viral In 2015!

Check Out The 15 Videos That Instantly Went Viral In 2015!

Aayushi Bhargava
Viral Videos
Viral Videos

This year saw a lot of viral videos – from videos of couples, animals, celebrities, to even those of “aliens”. We have listed 15 videos from the year 2015 that went viral as soon as they came out.

1) The AIB Arjun Kapoor & Ranveer Singh Roast

Source: Tumblr | Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh
Source: Tumblr | Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh

The year began on a hilarious note when the AIB Arjun Kapoor & Ranveer Singh Roast happened. Unfortunately, the content was too “vulgar” for the Indian government and the video was taken down.

2) Love Has No Labels

The video Love Has No Labels showed the true beauty of love. It proved that love is beyond colour, creed and genders.

3) Deepika Padukone talked about her fight with depression

Much to everyone’s surprise, Deepika opened up about her battle with depression. The video instantly went viral as she won people’s sympathies and they came out in support of her.

4) My Choice

Soon after Deepika’s impactful Let’s Talk Depression video, came her rather controversial My Choice video directed by Homi Adajania.

5) Power Of Makeup

YouTube star NikkiTutorials posted a video showing the power of makeup. Her video went viral and the hashtag #PowerOfMakeup began to trend on Twitter. People even started sharing pictures of their half made up faces.

6) Deepika Padukone’s Mother’s Day Video

Deepika seems to have ruled the viral section this year with yet another video. This one was a Mother’s Day video where she featured along with her mother, Ujjwala Padukone.

7) Mira Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor wedding videos

Aww Shahid Kapoor and Mira dancing on Saj Dhaj Ke from Mausam – This Video is too adorable #ShahidKiShaadi EXCLUSIVE videos only on Style Coquettes (Original)
Posted by Style Coquettes (Original) on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let’s just say, when Shahid and Mira got married, the wedding had become a national event. Fans were curious about every little detail of their wedding. All the videos from the event went instantly viral!

8) A woman’s comeback to the man harassing her

Indian Woman
Indian Woman

A video of a woman pulling a stunt was one shocking video that went viral. A man was harassing her in public and you have to see what she did to him!

9) Local boys saving a foreigner

This incident happened in Delhi when some local boys came running to help a foreigner who was being stalked and molested by a man on the streets.

10) Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol reminiscing about DDLJ

The magical video of SRK and Kajol reminiscing about DDLJ made us happy cry! This video made by AIB ended up going viral.

11) AbRam Khan waving to the media

Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday was the day we realised how much AbRam loves the cameras.

Which was your favourite video of the year? Do tell us in the comments below!