Remember How Aamir Khan Didn't Approve Of "The Roast"? AIB Has A Fitting Comeback!

Priyam Saha , 08 Dec 2015
Aamir Khan, AIB
Aamir Khan, AIB

Aamir Khan recently found himself in quite a soup recently over his comments about intolerance in our country. He even released a statement about the ridiculous backlash on his personal Facebook, but by then, the interview in question had become a national controversy.

Now let’s rewind to January, shall we? When the AIB boys were dealing with the unexpected repercussions of their Roast with Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh? Everyone had a “reaction” to it – Everyone! Aamir Khan was one of the reactors too and he infamously said that he found the Roast very “violent”, and he made that statement without even watching any parts of the video.

The AIB Boys, on their new show On Air With AIB, had some thoughts about the Aamir controversy.

While discussing an issue on their show, Tanmay Bhatt said:

Now do you know what it feels like when without knowing the facts of the matter, you are attacked?

And Gursimran Khamba added:

We know what it feels like when without watching the video, people attack us!

But they did stand by Aamir’s side saying:

There was a time when Gandhiji was slapped with a sedition charge for leading the Dandi March. Now you get accused of sedition when your wife casually says she wants to leave the country.

What goes around comes around!

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