13 Of The Biggest Beauty Tutorials In 2015

Natasha Patel , 11 Dec 2015
Best Of Beauty Tutorials
Best Of Beauty Tutorials

You know that friend of yours who’s a compulsive YouTube watcher? She might be on to something. We know that there are plenty of things out on the internet nowadays but my particular favourite is watching beauty tutorials for hours on end. Yes, I am that friend. From trendy hairstyles to the right way to contour your face, to Kylie Jenner‘s lips – YouTube is the motherland for beauty lovers to learn and recreate everything under the sun. And for all my beauties reading this, I’m listing down the essential tutorials of the year!

1. Dark Circles

2. Contouring & Highlighting

3 Ombré Lips

4. Braids

5. Kylie Jenner Lips

6. Baking & Strobing

7. Eyebrows

8. Half Top Knot

9. Cat/Winged Eyes

10. Beachy Waves

11. Smokey Eye

12. Bangs

13. False Lashes

It’s time to call yourself a pro because that’s everything you’re going to need to successfully look glam.

You’re welcome.

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