6 Tweets From Tonight's #BiggBoss9 That Are Just Too Real To Handle

Rashmi Daryanani , 12 Dec 2015
Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

Oh, Bigg Boss. I just watched an episode from this season after quite some time, and my head is spinning a little. Because seriously, why is this real life? How are these people like this? I’ve not come up with answers to these questions, but the folks on Twitter clearly get me, because I scrolled through the #BiggBoss9 hashtag after tonight’s episode and couldn’t help but nod along vigorously with these folks:

This one who hit the nail on the head…

Don’t watch for one week and suddenly it’s like WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

This one who likes a little drama…

It’s the truth, though. Regardless of whether you agree with Salman Khan or not, watching him take someone’s case on live television is weirdly entertaining. Quote of the day (directed at Kishwar): “Why do you want to show your boyfriend in this dirty light? You are taking a backseat or you are enjoying what’s happening to him right now on national television?” #OhSnap

This one who understands everyone’s real problem…

They’re all pretty f**ked up, let’s just go with that.

This one who just GETS it…


This one who’s pointing out the irony…

No comment.

This one that I posted…

They’re dancing to Gerua, guysss!!! <3

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