The 8 Best Breakout Shows On Indian Television In 2015

Resham Beri , 14 Dec 2015
TV Shows
TV Shows

I can’t come to terms with the fact that it’s the last month of 2015! As uneventful as this year may have been for me personally, the Indian telly world has been rather exciting with a mixed bag of new shows that have made a mark in the heart of the viewers.

From comedy shows to emotional sagas, here’s a list of 8 shows (in no definitive order) that started in 2015 and deserve to continue making our hearts happy, at least for another few months! Read on.

1. Sumit Sambhal Lega
Sumit Sambhal Lega

With constant comparison to the popular TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond, it seemed tough for the show to meet the expectation of the audience. But with exceptional performers, great direction and a powerful script, the show gradually became an audience favourite. The season 1 may end soon, but fear not; from what we hear, it has already been renewed for another season.

2. Comedy Nights Bachao

Comedy Nights Bachao
Comedy Nights Bachao

Remotely based on the concept of a roast, this show is the upper limit of Indian audiences’ tolerance levels. Some of the most liked comedians like Bharti Singh, Sudesh Lehri, Krishna, etc team up with popular television faces like Anita Hassannandani and Karan Wahi to hurl insults at the guests on the show.

Offensive, maybe! Funny, definitely!

3. Sarojini

A smart, well-educated girl with modern ideologies, Sarojini, gets married into a patriarchal family and has to deal with a family led by a rather dominating and chauvinist father-in-law. The storyline has struck the right chord with the viewers who relate to Sarojini’s trials and tribulations and want her to emerge as the winner in every testing situation.

The show is on the track right now and I only hope it continues to stay that way till it dies a natural death.

4. Satrangi Sasural

Satrangi Sasural
Satrangi Sasural

This show is an exception because it first went on air in December 2014, but it deserves to be a part of the list anyway. It’s a regular story where the protagonists (Aarushi and Vihaan) fall in love and get married, except, Aarushi has to now deal with her husband’s seven mothers. Yes, seven! It’s only in the reel world that we get to live such fantasies; otherwise, imagine having seven mothers-in-law for real! Can’t even…

The show has been consistent and we can only hope it doesn’t succumb to the pressure of becoming a cliché daily soap.

5. Yeh Kaha Aa Gaye Hum

The youngest of these shows, Yeh Kaha Aa Gaye Hum, marks Karan Kundra’s return on Indian television, and let’s face it – that’s enough reason for this show to become an instant hit. And that’s exactly what is happening. People are really appreciating the twisted story between a rockstar and a perfectly middle-class Indian girl, who share a common passion for singing.

It is a Balaji Production, which is what makes me the most worried about the fate of this one. Ekta Kapoor has a special power to turn the best show into some something so outrageously larger than life, people have a hard time digesting it.

6. Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani

Talk of comebacks and how can we forget Dhrasti Dhami? Her latest outing on television post-marriage, Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani, may not be as popular as her previous shows Geet or Madhubala yet, but is surely picking up pace, especially since the romantic track between Dhrashti and Siddhant Karnick has begun.

7. Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai!

My personal favourite on the list, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai! is a breath of fresh air in a (television) world full of tears and falling thalis.

Two neighbours, Manmohan Tiwari and Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, played beautifully by Rohitash Gaud and Aasif Sheikh respectively have the hots for each others’ wives, Shilpa Shinde (Angoori) and Saumya Tandon (Anita). Everyone’s character is developed beautifully and has made their place in the heart of the audience, be it Vibhuti’s English accent or Angoori’s ‘Sahi Pakde Hain’

8. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

How can a TV list be complete without a historical series? This year it’s the story of Ashoka and his journey to become one of the greatest emperor’s of India. What works for this show is the beautiful reconstruction of historical events and the power-packed performances by the lead cast of the show.

Any 2015 show you think I’ve missed? Let me know :)

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