Ranveer Singh in Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna
Ranveer Singh

In an episode of Walk The Talk with Shekhar Gupta for NDTV, Ranveer Singh made quite a revelation about the first-hand experience he had with a sleazy man, supposedly from the industry. Talking about the infamous casting couch, Ranveer recalled how he had made efforts to create a kickass portfolio (as his work experience as an assistant director had taught him what works and what doesn’t). During this phase, he met a particular gentleman in his Andheri home who didn’t even look at his photos and only spoke about how a person has to be smart and sexy. Ranveer went on to quote him, “Jo smart hai, jo sexy hai, wo aage nikal jaata hai.”

He then directly asked Ranveer for sexual favours in order to introduce him to production houses. When Ranveer said no, the person in question began negotiating and said things like, ‘let me just touch it‘ and ‘let me see it.’ After Ranveer refused, the man apparently cried like a jilted lover. Some time after this incident, Ranveer met another actor and spoke about this person. The other actor said that he does this to everyone; the man had asked this actor to come with him to the bathroom when they were having a ‘meeting‘ at Cafe Coffee Day!

It is refreshing to see Ranveer speak so openly about an incident most actors shy away from talking about. It’s also quite an eye-opener on how the casting couch is menace to men as well as women who are struggling to make it big in Bollywood.

Watch the entire interview here.