22 Trashy Bollywood Movies Of 2015 You Had No Idea About!

Shreemi Verma , 20 Dec 2015
Trashy movies 2015
Trashy movies 2015

2015 has a been a great year for movies. Trashy movies. You know the one’s you never thought existed, but they actually do! The ones which slipped past your watchful eye, but deep down inside you know you’ll watch at least once on a drunken night in with best friends. So here’s a list of classics that released in 2015 which nobody noticed for reasons unknown.

1) International Hero

Starring Gurleen Chopra, Nakul Vaid , Kader Khan (why?) and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Puneet Issar, the highlight of International Hero is that the music is given by a person named Babli.

2) Mumbai Can Dance Saala

Even the mighty trinity of Shakti Kapoor, Aditya Pancholi AND Rakhi Sawant couldn’t save this one. A Times Of India review said this in their review – The film is so excruciatingly boring that it might change the opinion of those who were against the shutting down of dance bars.
The trailer says 2014 but this masterpiece released on January 2nd, 2015. Setting the tone of this year.

3) Take It Easy

This is what the ‘plot section’ of this film’s Wikipedia page has – The protagonists are both almost ten-year-old children. The father of one of them is a player who wants hist son to become one too, but his son is more interested in Studying. The other boy’s story is contrary. The Parents are imposing the dreams.

4) Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene

Hey! Zayed Khan had a movie release this year and no one had a clue. Why does no one care? Does the man who danced to Mohabbat Hai Mirchi not matter to you guys anymore?

5) Chal Guru Ho Ja Shuru


6) Coffee Bloom

Though the movie had a talented star cast and it managed to receive praise from film festivals around the world, it failed to make any kind of a mark here.

7) Barkhaa

Before surprising us all in Hate Story 3, Priyanshu Chatterjee made his presence felt in Barkhaa, obviously we didn’t know because as I said before, we don’t value great things.

8) Paisa Ho Paisa

Quoting my best friend Wikipedia, here’s what Paisa Ho Paisa is all about – This film is about Bungling cops and Buffoonery Gangsters chasing invisible people / loot and an invisible car. What were they smoking?

9) NH-8 Road to Nidhivan

Everyone has seen Anushka Sharma‘s NH10, it’s so “mainstream”. The only way you’ll stand out in a crowd is by saying you’ve seen NH-8 Road to Nidhivan. By standing out I mean, people might literally ask you to stand out. It has happened with me.

10) Ishq Ke Parindey

See, we’re all for peace between India and Pakistan, and Ishq Ke Parindey might work in unifying the neighbours on one thing: hate for this movie.

11) Kaagaz Ke Fools

In 1959, Guru Dutt gave Indian cinema Kaagaz Ke Phool, in 2015 Anil Kumar Chaudhary gave us Kaagaz Ke Fools. There’s a reason why our parents dislike our generation so much.

12) Sabki Bajegi Band

The tagline of this film is – No mercy, only controversy. An actor named Raj Yadav is playing a guy call Randy. That’s all I need to know about this masterpiece.

13) Main Hoon Rajinikanth

You know when a book or a movie is banned (like Fire), everything about it seems intriguing. That cannot be said about this one though. Maybe Rajnikanth (the actor) tried to stay the movie’s release for the sake of the makers only.

14) P Se PM Tak

Prostitute Se Prime Minister Tak is a movie directed by the same man who made Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. Let that sink in.

15) Mere Genie Uncle

This is just sad. Look at the terrified expression on Genie uncle’s face.

16) Uvaa

Someone please tell the director Jasbir Bhaati by naming your movie Uvaa, you will be successful in alienating the youth.

17) Bezubaan Ishq

The fact that Mugdha Godse and Sneha Ullal are still getting some work makes me weirdly happy.

18) Second Hand Husband

Really don’t think THIS is the debut Govinda wanted for his daughter.

19) Sorry Daddy

I have always been strangely obsessed with Sorry Daddy the moment I saw posters of this beauty on some wall in Juhu.

20) Time Out

What is this I don’t even…

21) Bumper Draw

What happened to you Rajpal Yadav?

22) Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq

What happened to you Faisal Khan? This movie makes Mela look like a masterpiece.

Have any more gems to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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