5 Things You Can Only Do With Your BFF

Rashmi Daryanani , 21 Dec 2015

There are friends… and then there are best friends. These are the people you’re comfortable around to do everything with, with all your walls broken down. Even a mundane activity becomes an event with these people, because they get you on a level no one else does. Thus, there are certain things you’ll only ever do with a BFF, like:

Match your outfits

And this is how you know you’re #BFFs #coincidentallymatching #polkadots #redlips #truelove @loveamruta

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If you end up accidentally matching with anyone else, you’ll probably have an issue. But if you match with your BFF, you’ll take a ton of pictures and post it everywhere.

Eat all the food

Enchanted Valley Carnival

You follow decorum in public, but no such thing happens when you’re with your BFF. You’re okay to eat anything you want, and you’re not going to pay attention to portion size or bother looking like a normal human being.

Go #BoyBrowsing

Checking out guys is infinitely more interesting with a friend, whether it be in person at a bar or over each other’s shoulders while on TrulyMadly. It makes the whole process a lot more fun, and you’ve also got someone on hand incase you need help thinking of something witty to tell that cute guy who you just matched with!

Plan your wedding even if there’s no groom in sight


Anyone else would judge you, but your BFF doesn’t care whether you’re not even a little close to getting married – she will still listen as you plan your Sangeet playlist, populate your Pinterest board with outfit ideas, and discuss potential wedding destinations.

Cry while watching that stupid movie

Crying (Source: giphy.com)
Crying (Source: giphy.com)

No need to pretend you think the movie is cheesy or hold back those tears – your BFF will cry along with you.


Cuddle (Source: giphy.com)

That kind of contact with someone you’re not dating may be weird in normal circumstances, but not with your BFF. You’re okay to hold hands or hug or cuddle, and it’s not even a little bit awkward.

Analyze a guy’s conversation

Heyyyy (Source: thingschickslove.wordpress.com)

Your phones’ albums are filled with screenshots of each other’s conversations with various guys. After all, who else is going to help you figure out what it means that he said ‘heyy’ instead of ‘hey’?

What is it that you only do with your BFF?

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