Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

It’s hard not to fall in love with Deepika Padukone. She’s gorgeous, an amazing actor, grounded and all sorts of fun. When I chatted her up recently, we spoke about her womance with Priyanka Chopra and her equation with Sonam Kapoor, among other things. Of course that brought us to the age-old question – Can actresses be friends?

She said:

Of course actresses can be friends. The degree of friendship depends on the two people, and I’m no one to comment on that. And yes, for various reasons, I might be closer to some people than I am to other people, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t each others’ well-wishers or we aren’t cordial with each other. Some people do take it beyond that… I’ve had friends from the industry. I think the only thing that makes it complicated is our schedules that we work in. And relationships are based on the time you invest in them to nurture them. So sometimes our schedules don’t give us an opportunity to do that, but it’s very possible!


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