If You Were An Enchanted Princess, Here's How You Would Dress Your Eyes Up!

Devanshi Kapadia , 23 Dec 2015
Suneet Varma For Faces By The Sartorialist
Suneet Varma For Faces By The Sartorialist
Suneet Varma

Spectacles have officially become a fashion accessory. They are a perfect way for an individual to make a statement about his or her unique personality. To further this, a project named ‘Faces by The Sartorialist’ was launched in June 2014 in collaboration between the Luxottica Group and Scott Schuman, a world-renowned photographer and blogger.

The platform featured Schuman’s signature style, capturing imagery of intriguing and stylish individuals donning optical frames. The project soon went on to include the work of several influential creative individuals of different artistic disciplines from all over the world. As part of the project, each of these artistes were seen interpreting spectacles through their own artistic form. Some of these artists included Italian fashion journalist Angelo Flaccavento, British Visual artist Alex Box, Chinese paper artist Qui Jia and more.

Seeing the journey observed by the project, an Indian artist was much anticipated. Finally when couturier Suneet Varma was announced as the Indian artist, the news caught everyone’s attention. The incredibly talented Suneet brought an enchanted princess to life with two artworks as a contribution to this project. These two fashion illustrations displayed Suneet’s belief as an artist and designer and highlighted fashion and fantasy, which is both elaborate and theatrical. Showcasing a glamorous and mystical Indian princess who is adorned with Swarovski crystals, a rich-hued turban, and is looking at two love birds through her glamorous frames – which represent a window to the beautiful princess’s soul. The art displays everything Suneet Varma stands for: couture, glamour, Bollywood, India, and more!

Through his illustrations, Suneet has vividly captured the way in which optical eyewear has emerged as a key fashion accessory, helping individuals showcase their unique sense of style. Firmly believing that “eyes are the window of our souls” Suneet’s work showcases a compelling imagery of how optics are a much favorite amongst the fashionable.

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