Sonakshi Sinha's Already Dressing For Summer & We Just Can't Get Enough!

Natasha Patel , 24 Dec 2015

At this point in life I think we’ve established that Sonakshi Sinha can do no wrong. AsliSona is not only my beauty inspiration but her fashion game is always so damn strong. For the debut of her new single Ishqholic, she was styled by Nitasha Gaurav looking like one chic, chic hippie! Whether you’re off to music festival or just to Barbados this month, take some inspiration from Sonakshi’s look and get cracka-lackin

What you’re going to need to complete the look:

  1. Feathers in your hair
  2. Double and triple layering with your jewellery
  3. Fringe, fringe, fringe!
  4. Flash tattoos
  5. Reflector sunnies

Enough fashion school chit-chat, go watch the video!

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