"The Last Thing You Texted Your Boyfriend?" & 6 Other Fun Things We Asked Deepika Padukone!

Priyam Saha , 24 Dec 2015

Deepika Padukone is a star! All stars have been to Koffee With Karan. All Koffee With Karan guests know the Rapid Fire round. Hence, when I met Deepika (and died due to the overexposure of awesome!), I thought I must play a quick round of Rapid Fire with her – just my little homage to my industry BFF Karan Johar <3

Here’s goes…

Team MissMalini: Are you ready?

Deepika Padukone: I am usually never ready for this, but okay!

Team MM: If you were a product, what would your tag line be?

DP: Live, love, laugh!

Team MM: Well played! What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?

DP: The 3 amazing films that I’ve done – what more can I ask for?

Team MM: If you had to eat one thing every day for the rest of your life – what would it be?

DP: A dense chocolate loaf!

Team MM: What is the last text message you sent your boyfriend?

DP: I have a boyfriend?

Team MM: Don’t you?

DP: Do I?

Team MM: Is Ranveer Singh single? I’m calling him after this. I’m single too!

DP: Hahahaha You should!

Team MM: If you could host one person for dinner, who would it be?

DP: Roger Federer and Rahul Dravid.

Team MM: Because?

DP: Because just look at these people!

Team MM: A question you absolutely hate answering…

DP: Umm… tell us your beauty regime!

Team MM: I’m sure we’ve asked you that at some point. If not an actress, what would you be?

DP: A housewife.

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