Here's What Really Went Down During Sonu Nigam & Subhash Chandra Goel's Big Fight

Rashmi Daryanani , 26 Dec 2015
Richa Chada's Birthday Bash
Sonu Nigam

You may have been reading the recent reports about an altercation between Sonu Nigam and the head honcho of ZeeSubhash Chandra Goel. According to reports, there is a blanket ban on Sonu Nigam at the Zee Music Company – the singer had even lent his voice for two songs in Ishq Forever, but now that Zee has bought the music rights, they have insisted that the songs be re-recorded with someone else (the producer of the film has even confirmed that this is being done).

This goes back to a fight Sonu Nigam and Subhash Chandra Goel had in April at a party hosted by Amar Singh. According to reports, Sonu snapped at Goel when the latter made a comment saying that Zee was the one who made Sonu Nigam, and that led to the showdown.

However, an eyewitness from the party has now stepped forward to tell us that this isn’t exactly what happened, and that an issue could have been avoided entirely. Here’s what the source says:

Sonu had just arrived into the party and Subhash ji was heard saying Sonu is his creation and that he should take his name more often. Sonu replied that maybe Subhash ji hasn’t heard it enough but he always acknowledges his roots. There seemed a slight commotion and Subhash ji lost it shockingly. As far as I could see Sonu was absolutely civil and composed. In fact it was Subhash ji who relentlessly provoked him even though Sonu made sure that the matter was doused at the earliest.

The source adds that Amar Singh, the host of the evening, had to intervene.

Meanwhile, Mr Nigam, it seems, has chosen to keep a dignified silence on the topic and is therefore not speaking publicly about this.

Whatever the truth is, here’s hoping that matters are resolved quickly, as this is surely a loss for music lovers – Sonu Nigam is, after all, one of greatest musical talents we have here!

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