Bigg Boss 9: Gizele Thakral Is Out - Here Are 6 Things She Said Moments After Her Eviction!

Priyam Saha , 28 Dec 2015
Gizele Thakral
Gizele Thakral

Gizele Thakral had gone into the Bigg Boss 9 house as a Wild Card Entry just a few weeks ago, but the babe has been evicted.

Here are 6 things she said moments after her elimination:

1. On how she’s feeling…

The experience was amazing. I would want to stay there more, so obviously I am disappointed.

2. On why she thinks she got eliminated…

People don’t know me. So, for a newcomer who looks like me because my look is very outrageous. I have big lips… for normal people to accept that kind of face is a little difficult because people initially think that I am a b***h. Maybe, to know me and to realise that I am a good girl, people need time. Also, I am not an ass-licker.

3. On Nora Fatehi…

Nora is very smart. She was clear that she would have an affair with either Rishabh Sinha or Prince Narula. That was her strategy, and I am not like that. I am not a fake person.

4. On Mandana Karimi…

Mandana was exactly the same what we saw from outside. She is not fake. We had a professional relationship and also did a movie together though we didn’t hang out. She helped me when I got injured so, that moved me. It made me behave like a shield to her after that. I thought somehow she was the target.

5. On her movie Kya Kool Hain Hum 3…

When I came out and saw the movie’s trailer, I got really happy. I hope the audience accepts me. I know it’s a sex comedy, but I have given my 100 percent.

6. On Salman Khan…

I want to work with Salman also. After meeting him, I kind of admire the way he is. He is like an angel. He would come every Saturday (on the show) and sort out our differences. I would love to work with him even if it’s just a scene or a song.

Source: IANS

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