Gautam Gulati
Gautam Gulati

I hung out with Gautam Gulati recently and spoke to him about all sorts of fun things. He’s currently anchoring MTV’s fab show Big F and is also gearing up for his Bollywood debut next year with Azhar. Among other stuff, we also played a game of Inappropriate Questions with him and here’s what he had to say.

1. What is the ideal age to lose your virginity?

Gautam Gulati: (Laughs) It depends ya. It depends on when you meet someone and feel connected to them. The chemistry needs to be right. can happen anytime!

2. Would you like to casually tell us when you lost yours?

GG: …

3. What’s the craziest place you’ve ever made out in?

GG: (Straight face) I’m still a virgin.

4. If you woke up one morning and found that you’ve turned into a woman – what would you do?

GG: I’d go to the washroom, take a nice long shower, blow dry my hair, put on some makeup, wear good clothes and leave the house.

5. The first actress you ever had a crush on?

GG: Catherine Zeta Jones and Salma Hayek.

6. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for a woman?

GG: I met someone in France. I took her to the beach and there was a shack. We were just talking and having dinner over there. She was very impressed.

7. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sex?

GG: Aapke saare questions aise hi hain? Dirty dirty se?

8. Your advice to men who are looking to find love?

GG: If you want to find love, pay attention to it. If you want to do well at work, pay attention to that. I’m single right now because I’m focusing on work and can’t afford to divert my mind. My work is my girlfriend currently.

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