Lisa Haydon
Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon is a total stunner! Recently, she shot for Born Stylish with Pria Kataria Puri, and they spoke about everything, from Haydon’s childhood days to when she started modelling. As it turns out, she was a waitress at a restaurant in Sydney and one of her friends was a model. She suggested that Lisa go meet her agent and when she did, the agent asked to see her photos. Since Lisa didn’t have any, he asked her to take some and come back. So once she got home, she asked her German neighbour to help. She says…

He took photos of me in my bathroom. It sounds really sketchy, but it totally wasn’t. I had no idea how to pose, I didn’t know anything. I just went to the first person who I knew wouldn’t say no to me. He kind of had a crush on me.

She also said…

The reason it was in the bathroom was because that was the only plain white wall that we had in the house and there was a mirror in front of it. It helped me decide my angles.

Her agent actually sent out those photos to people until she managed to get a proper portfolio shot!