This Super Hot Photo Of Radhika Apte Will Make You Forget It's Winter!

Shreemi Verma , 31 Dec 2015
Radhika Apte
Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte posed for the website and we forgot it’s cold outside! Seriously, she can stop traffic because she’s so pretty. The actress gave a cool interview to the magazine, talking about things like being married, not wearing make-up and many other things. Excerpts from the interview –

On Anurag Kashyap’s honesty –

So many times you go to a director or an audition and don’t get the role. It happens like five times a day. And the reasons (for rejection) are never honest. One of the few people who is honest is Anurag Kashyap. He always shares why you didn’t make a role.

On being married –

My husband lives in London, and I spend half my time there. I’ve never hidden the fact that I am married. But it does matter to certain directors and actors. And I have been given suggestions to avoid telling people that I am married.

On not wearing make-up when she’s not shooting –

When I go out, I never wear makeup. Sometimes people recognize me. Once I was traveling abroad in a train. A non-Indian guy came up to me and said, ‘Aren’t you the Miss India?’ And I said, ‘No, I am nobody.’ Sometimes when you see faces from other countries, they all look similar.

On doing item numbers –

If the purpose is just to show some skin, then there is no way on earth I am doing that. I have no problem with sensual numbers, but it has to be a reason I agree with. Omkara, for example, had some songs that were really nice. They weren’t just ‘Here, look at my boobs.’

Read the entire interview here.

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