Parth Samthaan, Vikas Gupta
Parth Samthaan, Vikas Gupta

This is getting twisted by the day.

We told you last week that Parth Samthaan accused Vikas Gupta the producer of his show – Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan of molestation! According to Bombay Times, Parth sent Vikas a legal notice earlier this month, which stated that apart from touching him inappropriately, Vikas hasn’t paid him his fees as well. Parth has lodged a police complaint at Versova Police Station. Vikas was summoned by the cops and a statement has been recorded.

Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoorta

However, Ekta Kapoor has made some shocking revelations. In an interview to DNA, Ekta said:

Vikas and Parth were close to each other and were in a relationship. Parth has accused Vikas of touching him inappropriately on December 7, 2013 and 20 days later, he was with Vikas holidaying in Bangkok! I know because I was also there to bring in the New Year. I have seen several videos of him professing his love for Vikas.

DNA also quoted a source saying:

The reason Parth has become bitter towards Vikas who gave him a break in his TV show is because the relationship came to an end. But he seems to have forgotten that he has a career thanks to Vikas, who groomed him and presented him. They were together for over three years. It’s very convenient to turn around and accuse your lover of being a molestor/rapist. You see starlets doing it all the time. Now male actors seem to have started using this tactic as well.